Electric car parked at charging station

Tesla to Debut Million-Mile Battery for Electric Vehicles

Higher upfront costs and range anxiety are top barriers to electric vehicle adoption. To counter these concerns, Tesla is expected to launch a million-mile battery as early as this year.

The long-life, low-cost battery — which will be rolled out for the company’s top-selling Model 3 in China — is expected to transform the electric vehicle market. A million-mile battery would significantly reduce the cost of EVs, bringing them on par with gasoline-powered models.

Research from Canada’s Dalhousie University, a collaborator with Tesla, explains how this new battery could last at least two decades using grid energy storage.

Tesla has partnered with Contemporary Amperex Technology, a Chinese battery manufacturer, to create this innovative technology. According to news sources, a million-mile battery is part of Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk’s long-term plans to make the company not only an EV manufacturer, but also a power company.

After the initial launch, the battery will eventually debut in other regions, including North America. To learn more about Tesla’s million-mile battery, click here.

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