eNewsletters for Business Customers

A content marketing solution to educate business customers and connect them with relevant programs

Your key accounts and small business customers are essential community partners for your energy utility. These customers are often focused on sustainability and looking for ways to take control of their energy use.

With Questline’s eNewsletters for Business Customers, you can build and maintain long-term relationships with these customers. This content marketing solution provides commercial and industrial customers with energy efficiency advice, explains new technologies and builds awareness of your energy utility’s programs and services.

Building connections with business customers

Each monthly eNewsletter features four content assets with energy efficiency information specific to heating and cooling, lighting, new technology, facility efficiency and more. A monthly eNewsletter is the best way to maintain a consistent touchpoint with business customers and provide relevant information when they need it.

Our team of writers, editors, designers and video producers creates hundreds of new content assets each year, keeping your key accounts and small business customers informed of the latest energy trends. Plus, all of our content is reviewed by a certified energy manager to ensure technical accuracy.

Why Questline’s eNewsletter solution works:

  • Builds and maintains relationships with your business customers
  • Ideal platform to promote energy efficiency programs and services
  • Technical content designed to engage energy champions such as facility and plant managers
  • Personalized with utility account manager contact information and photo to foster long-term relationships

Engagement that pays off

Building an ongoing digital relationship is a key driver to higher customer satisfaction. When it comes to your most important customers — and biggest energy users — eNewsletters are an effective way to connect them to various programs and resources. For example, commercial and industrial facility managers are most in need of information about energy-saving technologies, demand response, electrification and other ways you can support them.

  • Key Accounts customers who are highly engaged with your utility open promotional emails at a 51% higher rate.
  • Key Accounts eNewsletter readers click on promotional emails at an 87% higher rate.
  • Small Business eNewsletter readers click on promotional emails at a 73% higher rate
  • The Small Business audience experienced the highest boost in performance last year with a 62% increase in CTR. 

Target relevant industries with segmentation

Of course, not all business customers have the same needs and challenges. A manufacturer, warehouse, retailer and healthcare facility — just to name a few — have different energy needs and look to their energy utility for specific solutions.

That’s why Questline’s business content is designed to be segmented by industry. In addition to separate Key Accounts and Small Business versions, we deploy eNewsletters for 16 industry-specific segments, creating content and energy advice relevant to each one. According to our performance metrics, this is the most effective way to connect with these customers.

Industry-segmented newsletters overall deliver a 12% increase in engagement, with some segments like education showing more than a 20% increase in engagement.

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