Customer Journey Mapping Services

Improve the customer experience by understanding their needs, expectations and pain points

Today’s energy and water customers expect their utility to offer digital experiences that are seamless, informative and fast. Whether they’re paying a bill, reporting an outage or engaging with a key account manager, they want options that make life simple.

The best way to facilitate an organization-wide understanding of the customer experience is through customer journey mapping. This tool provides an outside-in view from the real people using your services and helps you identify potential hurdles and pain points customers may encounter.

Questline Digital can improve your customer experience by:

  • Leading your team through the customer journey mapping process
  • Conducting voice of the customer research
  • Identifying gaps between current and future states
  • Setting future state goals and targets for CX improvements
  • Developing detailed implementation plans that include timelines, responsibilities, communication needs/channels, metrics and resources
  • Building technology integrations that make customer interactions simple

Ready to improve your utility customer experience?

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