Male lion in African savanna is the king of storytelling

Storytelling: From The Lion King to Content as King

Some stories are easier to tell than others. There are simple ideas that translate well and others, particularly technical concepts, that can be a bit more, well, abstract! Knowing great storytelling is integral to forging an engaging connection.

When a former Disney exec made the move into the energy sector, he brought a page from his enchanting book of animation to create a tangible product that gives consumers a real-time view of how energy efficiency can deliver actual benefits in the home.

Former Disney executives Dean Schiller (whose credits include iconic movies such as “The Lion King,” “Pocahontas” and “Hercules”) and Paul Yanover (now president of Fandango) are credited with inventing the first digital photo frame. At the turn of the new century, with patents in hand, the pair co-founded CEIVA Logic. About a decade later, CEIVA Energy, a subsidiary of CEIVA Logic, combined the visual appeal of the digital photo display with household smart meter data. The result? A networked, aesthetically pleasing energy dashboard designed to maximize information and engagement.

“Tell a story and make energy saving fun.” —Dean Schiller, CEO of CEIVA Logic

CEIVA’s Homeview Energy Display is a smart, functional illustration of how a dash of creativity goes a very long way in making energy efficiency concepts real.

When rolling out the concept, Schiller explained to Utility Dive, “We are really different from everyone else because we have the consumers’ attention.” He explained that the integration of an individual’s own digital images provides a compelling approach to grabbing attention while sharing key energy efficiency concepts.

“Your home’s consumption information will be displayed along with pictures of your life, allowing you to take control of your energy, water and gas use,” the company’s website explains. “CEIVA Homeview simultaneously communicates with your utility’s smart meter as well as your existing home networks.”

Customer engagement is the end goal. Schiller told Microgrid Knowledge that his team found people want energy information.

“Our core product is a storyteller. We take not just information from the consumer, but specific messages the utilities are trying to communicate and put them in front of the consumer,” he said. “Tell a story and make energy saving fun.”

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