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Bright Idea: Social Distancing Lights for Offices

Bright Idea: Social Distancing Lights for Offices

A UK-based office is utilizing a “social distance” lighting system to track the proximity between individuals. The lighting network, which integrates sensors throughout the office, uses Bluetooth technology to detect whether workers are within the set distance guidelines.

The sensors can detect Bluetooth technology in employee and visitor badges to compare distances. It can also show which colleagues have interacted with each other in the case of someone testing positive for coronavirus. When people are too close to one another, an alert prompts individuals to move farther away.

The technology also helps facility and office managers to review high-trafficked areas and places where most social distancing violations occur to better plan building layouts.

Developed by lighting controls manufacturer Prolojik, this system is the first of its kind to use a lighting network to enforce social distancing. Previously, it was used to track equipment and assets. It is also considered “the UK’s biggest lighting installation based on Power-over-Ethernet topology.” 

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