Program Promotions

Questline’s custom marketing campaigns increase customer participation

Program promotions are an essential part of your energy utility’s marketing communications strategy. Questline’s proven approach to customer engagement increases customer participation and helps energy utilities achieve their program goals.

Questline’s Creative team has experience creating customized, multichannel program promotions for energy utilities across the country. These campaigns include paperless billing, energy efficiency programs, demand response programs, electric vehicle rebates, security lighting services and more. As marketers, we continuously educate ourselves on the latest trends in digital marketing, design and technology to ensure your program promotions are fresh, compelling and impactful.

If a fully customized marketing strategy is more than you need, Questline also provides ready-made campaigns for many popular programs, including paperless billing, outage prep and high bill communications. With our powerful Engage™ platform, DIY program promotions are easy! Just update the email template with your utility information and deploy it yourself using our integrated tools.

No matter the program, we have the energy industry understanding and marketing expertise to create innovative and effective program promotions that resonate with both residential and business customers.

Reaching residential customers

Between family time, routines and job responsibilities, residential customers can be challenging to reach for energy utilities. When crafting program promotions, we look for the unique reasons why your utility’s program or service would benefit customers, whether making their life easier or solving a problem. We focus on how a particular program or service will make a difference in customers’ daily lives.

Questline’s team partnered with Eversource Energy, a Boston-based energy provider, to create a paperless billing campaign targeted to non-paperless residential customers. The campaign, which included six emails and a one-click landing page, focused on the benefit of 24/7 bill access from anywhere. Each email had a distinct animated GIF as the main image to ensure the campaign remained fresh and engaging when customers received behavioral follow-up emails. The landing page dynamically populated customer information, including street address, city, state and zip code, to streamline enrollment and increase conversions.

The Eversource campaign proved successful and resulted in a 32.7% increase in paperless enrollment in 2019, serving as the largest annual gain in over five years. Results-to-date for 2020 include a 33.7% increase, with 21,698 customers enrolling in the paperless billing program.

EV promotions get charged up

As interest in the environment and renewable energy continues to grow, we are seeing an increase in promotional campaigns focused on energy efficiency, electric vehicle and demand response programs.

Questline’s Creative team created a multichannel campaign for a major investor-owned utility in the Northeast to promote its electric vehicle smart charger rebate program.

The “Get Charged Up” campaign featured a wide variety of creative deliverables:

  • Three emails with animated images
  • Survey landing page with animated images
  • Social media posts
  • Website banner image
  • Direct mail
  • Various signage, including a retractable banner and EV charger courtesy hangers
  • Bill inserts
  • Rebate application
  • Table tents
  • Brochures and more!

Customers received a $500 rebate for purchasing and installing a qualifying smart charger and activating it with the utility. Identifying EV owners through the promotion also proved valuable, helping the utility plan the launch of an off-peak charging rewards program. The “Get Charged Up” campaign proved successful, resulting in 900 purchases and installations of smart chargers.

Bringing value to business customers

Your energy utility’s programs and services can help business customers run their facilities more effectively, be more energy efficient and improve their bottom line. Questline regularly creates program promotions targeted to small and medium-sized business customers as well as large commercial and industrial customers.

For example, our Creative team helped a major Southeast utility promote its rebate program for energy efficient warehouse equipment to commercial customers. The email campaign focused on the cost-saving benefits of equipment upgrades.

C&I programs marketed with technical expertise

Many of our business program promotions are technical in nature and require deep industry knowledge. Questline’s in-house experts work closely with energy utilities to transform complicated subject matter into easy-to-understand marketing copy that speaks directly to the needs of business customers.

For example, we partnered with an investor-owned utility in the Midwest to create a promotional campaign that encouraged large commercial and industrial customers to enroll in a demand response program. The campaign was focused on increasing customer awareness, comprehension and engagement, with the ultimate goal of acquiring leads and converting program enrollments.

As these examples demonstrate, Questline knows what works — and what doesn’t — when promoting energy utility programs. In fact, we share our data, insights and best practices in our annual Energy Utility Benchmarks Report and our blog on energy utility marketing trends, The Current. From energy efficiency campaigns for residential customers to technically complex programs for C&I facilities, Questline’s experts have experience delivering effective, successful promotions.

Learn how to exceed your Program Promotions goals with a digital marketing campaign from Questline.

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