Illustration of new smart home devices unveiled at CES in 2021

5 Bizarre Smart Home Devices from CES 2021

Smart home technology provides residential customers with powerful tools to control their energy use, make their homes more comfortable and save money. Some smart devices are also a lot of fun — or even a little silly.

The lighter side of connected technology was definitely on display during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Held virtually this year because of the pandemic, the event was still a major showcase of the latest high-tech gadgets that you didn’t know you needed. Here are some of the strangest smart home devices unveiled at CES 2021.

Shower Power

While there’s no guarantee that it will improve your singing, this Bluetooth speaker will save energy while you blast tunes in the bathroom. That’s because the Ampere Shower Power gets 100% of its power from the running water that flows through the device as you shower.


Do you ever wish that making an ice cream cone was as easy as brewing a cup of coffee? That’s the promise of ColdSnap. Much like a Keurig coffee maker, ColdSnap users can pop a pod into the dispenser and instantly serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies — even frozen cocktails.

Themis Smart Mirror

Talking mirrors get a bad rap in fairy tales like Snow White. CareOS is polishing that image with its Themis Smart Mirror. The health and hygiene device can check your temperature, analyze your skin, provide 360-degree and magnified video, and offer makeup, hair and skincare tutorials.

AirCozy Pillow

Does your old-fashioned pillow just lie still while you toss and turn and snore through the night? Not the AirCozy Interactive Smart Pillow from DozzyCozy. This device monitors your sleeping position in real time, automatically adjusting to the perfect height. One model will even reduce snoring by gently shaking until you change sleeping positions.

myQ Pet Portal

Your furry family members shouldn’t be left out of the smart home fun! The myQ Pet Portal is a doggy door paired with a Bluetooth collar that will let your pooch come and go on demand. It also sends alerts to your smartphone so you can monitor Fido’s backyard breaks from anywhere.

As smart technology continues to grow in popularity, more residential customers will bring these devices home and take greater control of their energy use. Consumers will also have some fun with not-so-serious smart gadgets that make life a little more comfy and convenient.

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