Energy Marketplace Content

Boost your utility’s marketplace sales with content marketing

Energy marketplace sites are a way for utilities to promote the purchase of energy-efficient products and drive non-traditional revenue. But while online shopping is rapidly growing, utilities still face an uphill battle to break through the crowded e-commerce field dominated by major retail and technology titans. 

Luckily, energy utilities have a competitive advantage. SECC research shows that 42% of consumers said the endorsement of their utility would influence their adoption of new energy technologies.

Examples of marketplace content for energy utilities

Customers want your advice. With a content marketing strategy, you can connect with customers and demonstrate that your utility is the best source for energy efficiency-related information and products.

Not only can you increase e-commerce sales via content, but Questline’s energy marketplace solution also allows you to connect customers with rebates and encourage program enrollment for energy efficiency (EE), time-of-use (TOU) and demand response initiatives.

Useful content will set your marketplace apart from other e-commerce sites, boosting sales and driving customer satisfaction.

Features of Questline’s Marketplace Content solution

Questline’s collection of energy marketplace content covers a wide range of topics. We dive into everything from how to set up a smart thermostat to the inner workings of EV chargers and smart washers.

Leverage our extensive content catalog or Questline’s interactive 3D Smarter Home and incorporate assets within your energy utility’s customer communications. Or work hand-in-hand with Questline’s content strategists to build out comprehensive campaigns.

Why our Energy Marketplace Content solution works

Your online marketplace should be the best resource to inform customer purchases. Compliment your listings with entertaining and useful insights to help guide informed purchases.

  • Uses high-quality, relevant content to inform purchase decisions.
  • Engages customers with memorable, shareable video and multimedia content.
  • Provides answers, advice and useful information that customers want.
  • Connects customers with rebates, appliance recycling and other programs.

Help customers make smart energy purchases

Your online energy marketplace competes for sales with the world’s largest e-commerce companies. But these retail giants could never match the unique relationship your customers have with their energy provider. They look to you for energy advice.

With the right content marketing strategy, you can grow marketplace sales while also acting as a trusted resource that helps customers make smart energy purchases.

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