Welcome Series

Build a strong digital relationship with new customers from day one

Customers expect a warm welcome from brands they do business with, including their energy and water provider. Questline Digital’s Welcome Series is a best-practice digital solution designed to connect with new and moving customers at the start of service. An essential customer engagement campaign, Welcome Series has the power to positively impact customer satisfaction ratings and lay the foundation for a long-term digital relationship.

Why Welcome Series works

Your new customers expect a welcome. They’re anticipating information from their new service provider and are ready to engage with your content. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your utility as a trusted partner and resource.

  • Welcome Series is consistently the highest-performing digital marketing campaign compared to other types of utility communications.
  • In 2022, 60% of all Welcome Series messages were opened by customers.
  • Welcome Series graduates engage in future email communications, including program promotions, at a 30% higher rate than customers who don’t receive a Welcome Series.

Questline Digital’s Welcome Series solution uses artificial intelligence to learn about your customers’ needs and interests and automatically build relevant audience segments. You can easily capture motivations and preferences like “convenience driven,” “price conscious” and “mobile/digital” and then put that data to work to improve the customer experience.

The Foundation for Long-Term Digital Customer Relationships

From program promotions to MyAccount setup and energy efficiency resources, this is your opportunity to share important information with new or moving customers at the start of their journey.

It’s also a chance to listen to your customers, not just inform them. Click behavior, actions taken and other interactions with Questline Digital’s Welcome Series are used to build meaningful audience segments. This intel can be employed to personalize the welcome journey and provide customers with the content, programs and services they’re most likely to engage with.

What’s included in Questline Digital’s advanced Welcome Series solution

Each Welcome Series campaign is fully automated and simple to implement, thanks to program templates and tested, responsive designs. Connect with customers, measure engagement and capture their preferences to improve the customer experience.

  • An experienced implementation team helps you launch quickly, using email template best practices that can be branded with your utility’s logo, colors and program/service content.
  • Artificial intelligence learns customer needs and interests and automatically creates relevant audience segments.
  • Customer engagement reports with easy-to-understand behavioral data allow you to measure success and optimize future digital campaigns.
  • Automated email touchpoints delivered on a regular cadence during a customer’s first 30 days of service, when they are most receptive to communications.
  • A fully automated campaign that is maintenance-free and requires no design, programming or marketing knowledge, giving your team the freedom to focus on core business goals.

Case Study: Segmented Emails Help Avista Improve Customer Relationships

Thumbnail image of case study showing Welcome Series engagement for energy utility customers

Welcome Series achieved above-industry-average open rate of 61% with new customers and 45% with new movers

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