Illustration of video content added to utility promotions

4 Great Ways to Use Video in Energy Utility Promotions

Your customers are paying attention to video — and more than just the viral clips trending on TikTok. Video is must-have content in a world where consumers are glued to their devices, whether scrolling through Instagram or streaming their favorite show. In fact, 54% of U.S. consumers want to see more video content from marketers.

For energy utilities, video has the power to capture attention, engage audiences and make your message memorable — which, let’s face it, is not always easy to do. Check out these four ways to use video in your energy utility’s marketing to increase customer engagement.       

1. Help customers understand their bill

Video is a great way to educate your customers on the main features of their energy bill. Whether your utility is debuting a new bill redesign or simply wants to educate customers on how to read their bill, video makes an impact. The visual nature of video works best for this type of communication. Instead of describing all the key features in an article or bill insert, your customers are able to clearly see them in the video. 

For one major utility in the Northeast, Questline created an animated video highlighting their new and improved bill, which featured a fresh look and easier-to-find information. This educational video experienced strong customer engagement with a 42.67% open rate and more than 14,000 total clicks from a promotional email campaign. The video also experienced nearly 8,000 views on the energy utility’s YouTube channel.

2. Encourage customers to become energy efficient

Thanks to smart home devices and the power of the smart grid, it’s easier than ever for customers to take control of their energy use. Video is the perfect way to educate customers on home energy savings and promote the benefits of your energy utility’s energy efficiency programs.

With a 3D animated video, you can show residential customers how they can save energy in every room of their house. Through a virtual home walkthrough, you can provide customers with helpful efficiency tips for cooking and cleaning, doing laundry, or charging their electric vehicle. Instead of just telling your customers how to save energy, video content shows them how energy efficiency fits into their lifestyle.

3. Promote the benefits of paperless billing

Your customers are probably not familiar with all the benefits of paperless billing, from saving time to reducing clutter. Video is an engaging way to educate customers about the program and encourage enrollments. Whether animation or live action, your video should communicate how paperless billing fits customers’ on-the-go lifestyles and makes their lives easier.

Your video can be shared in a paperless billing email campaign or on your energy utility’s website or social media. This flexibility allows you to reach a wide variety of customers across communication channels. By incorporating video into your paperless billing campaign, you can increase email open rates and customer engagement. According to the latest HubSpot data, customers are five times more likely to open an email that includes a video.

4. Educate customers about payment assistance programs

With more people facing financial hardship than ever before, your energy utility customers need to understand what payment assistance programs are available to them. Video is an effective option to communicate this information, especially if there have been any recent changes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the main benefits of video is the ability to explain complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand way. Your customers have many questions about paying back their unpaid balances; video content can provide answers and address their concerns in a relatable, accessible format. For energy utilities looking to educate customers on a payment assistance program, video can be a helpful addition to an email promotion or website page.

Energize utility promotions with video

Whether you’re promoting an energy efficiency program or paperless billing, video resonates with customers. Not only does this visual medium bring some excitement to your marketing campaigns – it also has the power to capture attention, educate customers and increase engagement.  

Ready to add video content to your next digital marketing campaign? Questline can help.