eNewsletters used to build customer relationships

eNewsletters: The Secret to Increased Customer Engagement

Ongoing marketing efforts like eNewsletters are a great way to keep residential and business customers engaged with your energy utility. A relevant and reliable channel of communication with your target audience, eNewsletters provide a steady stream of content that’s free of sales pitches and full of information that interests them.

Engagement starts with eNewsletters

eNewsletters have consistent engagement because they are a consistent touchpoint. Instead of an ad-hoc promotional offer, eNewsletters are a monthly push of interesting content that keeps readers engaged month after month. Customers see value in eNewsletters because the information makes a difference in their daily lives, like energy savings tips or resources about solar panel installation.

Those same eNewsletter readers — your engaged audience — are then more likely to open promotional messages and click on program information.

Overall, readers who have engaged with at least one eNewsletter will have a 9.5% higher open rate than the benchmark. Energy utility customers who have engaged with multiple eNewsletters have a much higher engagement rate with marketing and transactional campaigns than the overall benchmark. These customers also open campaign messages at a 26% higher open rate.

Customers who have engaged with at least one piece of content in an eNewsletter click on standard promotional campaigns 50% more often than the benchmark. Those who have engaged with multiple pieces of content across multiple eNewsletters click on standard promotional campaigns at twice the benchmark rate.

Get more program clicks and conversions

Program promotions, in particular paperless billing, are much more effective with customers who are engaged with consistent eNewsletters. In fact, the open rate of promotional emails is 21% higher among eNewsletter readers. Engagement is 52% higher with these customers.

This greater engagement is also evident in other types of energy utility communications. In the past few months, energy utilities have devoted a tremendous amount of resources into communicating with their customers about the coronavirus pandemic. This messaging has resonated with customers who read eNewsletters, while customers who do not engage with eNewsletters have been harder to reach during the crisis.

eNewsletter readers opened coronavirus communications at a 16% higher rate and have a 53% higher click-through rate compared to non-eNewsletter readers.

Beyond improving customer engagement, eNewsletters also help drive program enrollments through content marketing. By customizing content with links to related programs, energy utilities have the opportunity to generate significant traffic to areas of interest, such as MyAccount and program enrollment landing pages.

Unlike standard marketing campaigns, eNewsletters allow energy utilities to promote programs in a less direct way. Between March and June 2020, energy utilities were able to generate more than 580,000 outbound clicks from coronavirus-related eNewsletter content to paperless billing, MyAccount and other programs.

Designed for segmentation

eNewsletters are also an ideal digital channel to segment audiences by subscriber interest. For example, you can use eNewsletter performance metrics to establish a cohort of customers who are interested in solar technology. This allows you to either create a solar-specific eNewsletter or send a one-off email with solar information and programs to a highly targeted audience.  

For business customers you can create segmented audiences based on industry. Different industries have vastly different energy needs. By providing eNewsletters with industry-specific content, you can boost engagement and develop a deeper relationship with your business audience. We have seen open rate increases of up to 99% for Key Accounts eNewsletters segmented by industry.

eNewsletters are an essential part of an energy utility’s customer engagement strategy. This consistent communication channel has the ability to build long-term relationships with your customers while also increasing enrollment in your programs. From content marketing to segmentation, eNewsletters are a versatile tool to keep your customers engaged over the long haul.

Learn how your energy utility can build digital engagement and customer satisfaction with an eNewsletter strategy.