New customers welcomed in different languages

Long-Term Engagement Starts With a Warm Welcome

“Say hello.” It’s what all parents tell their youngster. A courteous greeting is the sign of a polite, friendly little girl or boy. We’re taught early on that it’s respectful to welcome and acknowledge both friends and strangers alike. A sincere welcome sets the tone for what’s to come.

What tone is your energy utility setting with new customers? Are you laying the foundation for positive customer experiences? With an email Welcome Series you can build strong relationships from day one, which leads to more satisfied, engaged customers in the future.

Questline’s Welcome Series is a proven digital solution designed to help energy utilities communicate essential onboarding information to new customers. At the start of their relationship with you, customers are more receptive to messages about your programs and services (think paperless billing and outage alerts). And once they graduate from a Welcome Series, they’re more engaged with subsequent communications — by a lot.

Questline Welcome Series graduates are nearly 53% more likely to click into your future program promotion emails. Welcome Series is our highest-performing email category and, compared to overall benchmarks, sees:

  • 2 times the benchmark Open Rate
  • 2 times the benchmark CTOR
  • 3 times the benchmark CTR

Better yet, our Welcome Series creates long-term customer satisfaction on a short timeline. That’s because it’s automated email marketing at its finest, with pre-scheduled, triggered emails sent to customers during their first 60 to 90 days with your utility.

Our expert implementation team will help you quickly launch your campaign. And because every email is deployed through our Engage platform, robust performance analytics are built into every send. We’ll provide you with easy-to-understand behavioral engagement data so you can measure success and optimize future campaigns.