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Social Media for Energy Utilities: The Secret to Self-Promotion

Everyone has a Facebook friend who constantly shares how they held the door for someone, or paid for the food of the person behind them in line. It may seem self-serving when it’s coming from your high school acquaintance looking for likes, but when you’re an energy utility — or any business with paying customers — it’s a different story. Self-promotion on social media can go a long way, and customers actually expect it. Here’s why, as a utility, you can feel good about getting your brag on.

Customers want to see your human side

Are your lineworkers running a 5K to support cancer research? Is your energy company donating to a local food pantry or supporting kids at sporting events? Let your followers know on social media.

These posts show your human side, and are especially helpful for customers who may not trust large companies. Younger customers who are starting to pay energy bills in their own homes are looking for human voices in the companies they follow on social media. They want to support companies that are making a difference in the world.

A great example is Duke Energy, who made a short video of its employees working with local leaders to provide 1,000 Indiana families with holiday food baskets. With high engagement and praise from customers, the Duke promoted its commitment to the community.

J.D. Power scores you on it

In the 2015 J.D. Power score summaries for electric residential utilities, it was noted that 62% of customers believe their utility supports economic development of their community, with the majority perceiving their utility as a good corporate citizen.

Keep the good vibes going all year by planning multiple community events — even small ones count. Volunteering is an easy way to have employees bond over a good cause and show you care about the community.

Consumers Energy showed they care about all of their customers — including the ones on four paws who don’t have to worry about energy bills! Posting helpful tips to keep pets safe in winter months, the company encouraged participation by fellow pet lovers and increased engagement among followers.

Consumers Energy Facebook post keep pets safe

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