Paperless Billing Campaign

Boost program enrollments and customer engagement with a comprehensive eBill marketing strategy

When customers go paperless, costs go down and digital interactions go up. Plus, your energy utility is one step closer to meeting conversion and customer satisfaction goals. Questline’s proven Paperless Billing Series provides the email marketing strategy you need to boost program enrollments and increase customer engagement.

Reasons to promote Paperless Billing:

  • Once converted to paperless, customers are more likely to have a consistent digital relationship with your energy utility.
  • Paperless Billing customers have higher open rates and click-through rates (CTR) than other customers. Plus, they are more engaged with future communications.
  • According to a recent survey by Energy Marketing Conferences, more than 50% of customers are willing to go paperless with the right motivation.

Increasing paperless conversions with engaging emails

In 2019, Eversource Energy was looking to promote enrollment in its paperless billing program with an email campaign targeting non-paperless residential customers. The objective of the campaign was to counter customer concerns about missing a payment without a paper bill.

Eversource sought to achieve a target of more than 40% paperless adoption over a three-year period between 2018 and 2020. To reach this goal, Questline created six emails with a “one-click” enrollment capability for customers to join the paperless billing program. The campaign’s theme, “Don’t Let Paper Hold You Back,” focused on the benefits of 24/7 bill access from anywhere.

Each email had a distinct animated GIF as its hero image to ensure the campaign remained engaging when customers received behavioral follow-up emails. In every email, the first image showed a person viewing their bill from their mobile device with the backdrop of a home office. The GIF then switched to the same person in a completely different setting — having fun at an amusement park, participating in a group fitness class, or enjoying a dinner party with friends.

The messaging focused on the ability to simplify bill management, the convenience of paperless billing, the security of billing information and the ease of viewing and paying bills online.

The campaign also promoted these paperless benefits:

  • 24/7 access to current or past bills
  • Convenient text or email payment reminders
  • Eliminating paper waste and clutter
  • Environmentally friendly

In addition to the email campaign, Questline also created a one-click enrollment landing page and an enrollment confirmation page. The landing page would dynamically pre-populate customers’ information, including street address, city, state and zip code, for easy review prior to enrollment.

Eversource experienced the largest annual gain in five years during 2019 with an increase to 33%. Eversource was well on its way to achieving their 40% target in 2020 pre-pandemic but has since reset its goal to 2021.

Your Paperless Billing package includes:

  • Mobile-responsive emails featuring engaging imagery and copy that concisely explains the benefits of your eBill program. Choose from our email templates, or we’ll concept and create a series that’s all yours.
  • Built-in flexibility, allowing you to easily brand and customize the series.
  • No-hassle implementation with Questline’s experienced, highly responsive team.
  • Seamless deployment through our Engage™ platform.
  • Post-send analytics captured daily and generated as a report from Engage seven days after each send.

After signing up for Paperless Billing, customers are 31% more likely to open and 25% more likely to click on subsequent emails from their energy provider.

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