Email Segmentation for Energy Utilities

Boost Utility Customer Engagement with Email Segmentation

Mass emails have historically worked for energy utility communications — but they won’t cut it in today’s world of hyper-personalization. Customers expect relevant and timely information from their energy providers.

Email segmentation is now a common practice for utility marketers and program managers. By identifying customer interests and motivations, utilities can send customers exactly what they’re looking for, when they need it.

For example, renters shouldn’t receive information only relevant to homeowners, and customers who already have a smart thermostat don’t want to see promotions for another.

Taking a targeted approach not only improves customer satisfaction, but it also boosts program participation and overall engagement.

In fact, 55% of consumers believe targeted promotions create a more enjoyable email experience while 74% of consumers get frustrated when they receive content that has nothing to do with their interests. 

Don’t risk alienating customers with mass communications.

Working with Questline for Segmentation

Tackling email segmentation doesn’t have to be complicated. The energy marketing experts at Questline can help your energy utility identify opportunities where segmentation will make the largest impact and take the lead on implementing new strategies.

Questline can help your energy utility with:

  • Identifying viable audience segments
  • Building communication strategies that speak to different customer motivations and behaviors
  • Creating unique content for each audience
  • Handling logistics like list management and automated email deployment

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