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Say ‘I Do’ to a Successful Marketing Strategy

Say ‘I Do’ to a Successful Marketing Strategy

What do a wedding and a marketing strategy have in common? They both require a large amount of preparation, logistics and creativity. Whether you’re planning a dream wedding or a dream marketing campaign, read on to learn the steps to success.

Find Inspiration

Brides look for inspiration on various blogs and websites to find ideas for color schemes, floral arrangements and design elements to create their dream wedding. Whether they’re looking for a rustic theme or a romantic, fairytale vibe, every wedding is unique. Inspiration is a powerful tool.

Every marketing campaign is unique, too. Energy utilities can find inspiration everywhere, including from other industries or the latest pop culture phenomenon. It’s also helpful for energy utilities to stay up-to-date on best practices for marketing various programs. For example, when promoting paperless billing, Questline has found the convenience benefit resonates most with customers.

Save the Date

Before booking a wedding venue, a couple should look at the calendar and find potential dates that work around job schedules, holidays and family conflicts. They also need to think about the season: Getting married in the dog days of summer versus a crisp and cool autumn day. The season impacts everything, from flowers to venue options.

Energy utilities also need to consider the best times and days to send promotions to customers. Based on Questline’s data, the best time to send residential program promotions is between 4 and 6 p.m. For business program promotions, Tuesdays and Wednesdays achieved the highest engagement between 2 and 4 p.m.Energy utilities should also plan campaigns based on seasonality. For example, send high bill and energy-saving program promotions leading up to summer and winter.

The Guest List

It’s no easy task to plan a guest list for a wedding. It’s important to think about the capacity of the venue and how many people will comfortably fit in the ceremony and reception space, not to mention the impact on budget. To narrow down the list, couples can categorize attendees by family, close friends and significant relationships from childhood, college or sports organizations.

Energy utilities need to consider list hygiene practices to ensure their lists are accurate and up-to-date with customer information. Segmentation can also be a helpful tool to personalize your message to a particular audience. For example, consider segmenting your energy efficiency promotions by homeowners and renters. For business promotions, send targeted energy savings information to specific industries like healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

From Decor to Design

Choosing the right decor can transform a wedding. A bride and groom should start with the essentials like tables, chairs and lighting. Next, they should think about the little details that make a big impact like table linens, centerpieces, greenery and more. Choosing decor that fits their personalities and styles is always best.

The design of your energy utilities’ marketing campaigns is just as important as the content. Break up large blocks of copy and make information easy to read with icons, bulleted lists, blocks of color and other design elements. Find stock photos that will help tell your story and resonate with your customers. Consider using animated GIFs in emails and social media posts to capture attention and encourage engagement. Ensure your design elements fit your brand so they are recognizable wherever they are.

Entertain and Engage

Many couples look to create memorable experiences for their guests in more ways than just the ceremony or dancing. For example, many surprise guests with late-night snacks like sliders, tater tots and mini-milkshakes at the reception. Other couples create an experience during cocktail hour, with the addition of games or other interactive activities beyond hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Your energy utility’s program promotions don’t have to be dry and boring. Think outside the box to bring creativity into every marketing campaign to lead to higher customer engagement. For example, Questline created a lighthearted campaign for a major Northeast utility’s electric vehicle smart charger program. The campaign featured an animated GIF and whimsical imagery – not your typical energy utility promotion! Beyond campaigns, use a variety of content types in your marketing strategy, including infographics, videos and interactive elements, to engage customers.