Content Marketing

A digital strategy for energy utilities to build long-term engagement with customers

Content marketing is a powerful tool for energy utilities. With the right content delivered to the right audience, your energy utility can build strong digital relationships with customers, increase program participation and drive engagement. Questline’s content marketing solutions speak to the specific wants, needs and interests of your customers.

Why content marketing matters:

  • Content marketing attracts energy utility customers with information they find useful, valuable or interesting.
  • With the right content marketing strategy, customers see your energy utility as a trusted resource in their lives.
  • Targeted content inspires energy utility customers to take action, whether signing up for paperless billing or enrolling in outage alerts.
  • Building a digital relationship with customers helps your utility control operational expenses, such as reducing call center demand, paper and postage.

How energy utilities should use content marketing

Content is truly the foundation of your interactions with customers. Without content, customer relationships are transactional, not based on long-term customer satisfaction. Your energy utility’s content marketing strategy should include a multichannel approach, including social media, emails and website landing pages.

To meet your energy utility’s goals, Questline’s Proven Process follows a consistent content marketing approach tailored exclusively for energy utilities:

  1. Identify your target audience: We go beyond demographics to create residential and business customer segments based on needs, interests and behaviors.
  2. Identify topics that interest your audience: We use consumer research, digital performance metrics, program conversion data and industry trends to create relevant content that resonates with customers.
  3. Produce original and valuable content: High-quality content pays off, helping your energy utility achieve greater customer engagement and long-term customer satisfaction.
  4. Promote content to your audience: Creating great content is just the start. Our team makes it easy for you to use content, with a powerful deployment platform, social media calendars and other strategies to get the right messages in front of customers.
  5. Leverage content to drive action: We make the connection between content and your program or initiative through conversion links and targeted remarketing to engaged customers.

Push vs. pull marketing

Push marketing

A traditional advertising approach, push marketing forces a message on an audience that may not be interested in what your energy utility has to say. While this method reaches a broad audience, many customers simply tune out the message.

  • Easy for customers to ignore
  • Requires a larger marketing budget
  • Transactional and short-term

Pull marketing

In comparison, pull marketing attracts the right audience with a message that customers find valuable. Questline’s approach uses content marketing to attract customers with information that is personalized to their specific needs or interests.

  • Customers seek out your message
  • Requires a long-term commitment, but a smaller budget
  • Builds trust and customer satisfaction

Through data and research, Questline identifies the intersection of an energy utility’s goals and its customers’ interests — pulling customers closer to your utility with a message that matters to them.

Our team is here to make your content strategy succeed

Whether you want to do it yourself or lean on the support of our experts, Questline makes it easy for your content marketing strategy to succeed. Our Content catalog includes DIY strategies and recommendations for using our content assets in your own digital marketing efforts. We also create social media calendars to help you plan posts and connect with customers throughout the month.

If you prefer, our experienced strategists will work directly with you to develop a custom content strategy tailored to your energy utility’s goals. We will align our content assets to your program or produce custom content that supports your initiatives. Then, the deployment experts on our operations team will make sure your content marketing campaign reaches the right audience.

Learn how to use Content Marketing to build customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction for your energy utility.

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